What to Bring for Tours

It is very important to dress appropriately for your tour as your comfort level will dictate how much you enjoy your day. If you have any questions regarding the below lists please contact us.

Granville Island & Jericho Beach Tours

  • We recommend wearing athletic clothing that is quick drying nylon, synthetic or wool.
  • As it can be cool on the water, we suggest you bring a warm sweater or light jacket (especially important for evening or early morning tours).
  • Waterproof rain jacket with hood or hat is important when rain is forecast.
  • Comfortable shoes for in the kayak (i.e. old running shoes or sport sandals). At Jericho you will usually  get wet up to your knees getting in and out of your kayak.  At Granville Island, shoes usually stay dry.
  • For stand up paddleboard tours you will be barefoot on the board but must wear footwear to walk to the launch.
  • sun hat, sunscreen, sunglasses with secured neck string
  • change of clothes (including footwear) – leave in your car or a small amount of storage is available at all locations.
  • snack and water bottle
  • If driving, money for pay parking


You will be provided a list of what to bring upon booking a daytrip.  That list generally includes above items, plus lunch.

Multiday/Overnight Tours

You will be provided with a full packing list at the time of booking for all multi day tours. In most cases you are responsible for providing your personal items such as clothing and sleeping equipment (sleeping bag and sleeping pad) but on some tours these are also provided.