Evening paddling

$69 Full Moon Kayaking Tour Jericho Beach

Paddling at night offers you the chance to see a totally different world than you experience while paddling during the day. On this intimate group tour you have the chance to experience bio-luminescence and star gazing city lights. On a clear night the shimmering moon will light our way as we paddle through the smooth night waters off of Jericho Beach.  A magical experience, only available a couple of days per month and not to be missed!


We supply each paddler with all equipment needed (kayak, lifejacket and gear rental included) for the adventure of a lifetime. Please let us know when booking the tour if you wish to paddle in a single kayak.

Dates & times:

Summer 2018

  • May 29 & 30 | 9 – 11:30pm | Tuesday & Wednesday
  • June 27 & 28 | 9 – 11:30pm | Wednesday & Thursday
  • July 26 & 28 | 9 – 11:30pm | Thursday & Saturday
  • August 25 & 26 | 8:30 – 11pm | Saturday & Sunday

This kayak tour is designed for those with no previous kayaking experience, and anyone with a moderate fitness level can easily enjoy it. Please let us know in advance if you have a medical condition that could affect your ability to paddle or enter a kayak from a beach. We’ll work with you to find a way to get you out on the water.

Youth aged 8–15 will receive a 50% discount to any kayak tour. This is applied automatically with your online booking.