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In the decades he’s been sea kayaking, Philip’s been lucky enough to paddle on two of the Great Lakes and in both the Canadian and Norwegian Arctic. More recently, he’s been doing solo trips of several weeks most summers to link up the coastal route between Vancouver and Alaska on the installment plan. (It’s taking a while, because many sections are so beautiful they just have to be paddled twice. Or thrice.)

Though a lot of people are reluctant to drill holes in their shiny new kayaks, Philip considers a bare boat to be just a “starter kit,” waiting to have accessories such as sails and electric pumps installed. He blogs about these boat mods, as well as his trips and other outdoorsy things, at You can also follow Philip on Instagram at kayakwriter.

Philip’s always enjoyed introducing friends and family to the delights of sea kayaking. He has especially fond memories of taking his young niece and nephew on multi-day West Coast trips and revisiting familiar experiences through their fresh eyes. That makes teaching and guiding feel like a natural gig that he’s been practicing for much of his life.