• Paddle Canada Advanced SUP Flatwater Instructor

Linda has been paddling around in kayaks and canoes for a number of years, but when she tried SUP for the first time she fell in love with it. Whether it’s going for a peaceful paddle on calm water and scouting for seals, or taking on a little more challenge with some chop, Linda loves being on the water.

Linda decided to take her teaching skills from the ESL classroom and use them to share her passion for SUP with others. She leads SUP Tours and teaches SUP Essentials.  Some of the best moments for Linda happen during people’s first experiences on a board, watching them gain the confidence to stand up and move, and seeing them light up with joy at actually doing it. When she’s not in the classroom or on a hike, you can usually find her out in English Bay, with occasional forays into areas around Victoria, BC. Her future plans include SUP touring/camping, and maybe entering a race!