Terms & Conditions

Ecomarine Rental Policies

  • All renters are required to sign a standard rental agreement form, which includes a release of claims and acknowledgement of responsibility for equipment.
  • Any lost or damaged equipment will be charged to the renter at the full retail price.
  • All renters must have valid ID and a matching credit card1 for a damage deposit.
  • Renters must arrive 15 minutes prior to their reservation time to complete a standard rental form and payment.
  • Solo kayakers must have experience doing a solo capsize re-entry.2
  • Please inform us at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or change your booking, in order to receive a full refund.

Youth Policy

  • Paddlers must be 8 years or older.
  • Kayakers: Youth (8-13 years) must be in the front of a double kayak with an adult (19+) in the back.
  • Stand Up Paddlers: Youth (8-14 years) must be accompanied by an adult (19+).
  • Everyone under the age of majority (19 years) must have a parent or legal guardian3 sign the standard rental form, as well as an Acknowledgement of Risk form.

Required Paperwork for anyone under 19 yrs:

Acknowledgement of Risk (Youth Consent) Form

1Must be Mastercard or Visa. Debit/Credit combination cards or pre-paid credit cards not accepted.
2If there are two or more paddlers, in singles or doubles, no prior skill is required.
3The only way that person can become a legal guardian is by a court order or under a will.

Information collected in order to reserve you rental is not shared with any outside parties.