Paddle Canada Certification

Paddle Canada Courses

Paddle Canada Certification is available as an optional feature when you participate in one of the following programs.

Certification is included in Beginner Skills Kayak Camp (Basic Kayaking Skills) and Intermediate Skill Kayak Camp (Level One Kayaking Skills) at no extra charge for any participants completing all the required skills.

Certification is also included in some of our partner programs, such as Paddle Canada Level 3 & 4 Sea Kayak Skills and Stand-Up Paddleboard Surfing & Touring.

Certification only costs an extra $15 per participant and can be opted into at any time prior to the end of your program.

Benefits of Certification

  • Official acknowledgment of your participation in a nationally recognized skills progression. Use this certification to easily access further training at hundreds of locations across Canada.
  • A clear and easy to use system that will help facilitate your skill and knowledge development.
  • Access to a national community of sea kayakers and stand up paddleboarders.
  • Upper level training. Certification at the introductory/novice level is required before you will be permitted to participate in advanced Paddle Canada programs.
  • Professional development. For those interested in working in the sea kayaking and paddleboarding community, Paddle Canada offers nationally recognized skill and instructor certification which is required for employment by the vast majority of paddling schools across Canada.

If you aren’t sure if Paddle Canada Certification would be beneficial for you, feel free to discuss this option with our School Director before your program starts or with your program instructor once your class is under way. Please remember that you must indicate that you would like the certification before the end of your program. Once the program is complete, this opportunity will no longer be available.

About Paddle Canada

Paddle Canada was conceived in 1971 as a result of the perceived need that recreational paddling enthusiasts from across Canada required a national body to coordinate the efforts of those involved in non-competitive canoeing and kayaking. Today, the Association acts as the national office for ten provincial and three territorial associations, as well as 2.3 million recreational paddlers.

Throughout its growth, Paddle Canada developed recreational river and sea kayaking and later stand up paddleboarding standards on a national basis. They also implemented an instructor base to deliver certification programs nation wide. Ecomarine has been working with the Paddle Canada to develop and improve the sea kayaking curriculum over many decades.

In cooperation with our Paddling Partners, we now offer the full range of Paddle Canada sea kayak programming, from basic kayaking to level four recreational paddling, as well as instructor level training. As of 2013, Ecomarine has offered advanced Stand Up Paddleboard lessons certified by Paddle Canada. Please see our lessons and professional development programs for more information on individual programs.

If you have previously received a Paddle Canada certification, log in to view your certifications and update your information.



Paddle Canada Sea Kayk progression flow chart