Kayak Rolling Lesson Jericho Beach Vancouver BC Canada

Kayak Rolling Jericho Beach

The Kayak Roll (also sometimes called Eskimo Roll) is an often coveted skill in the sea kayaking community and is absolutely a door opener in terms of skill development and advancement. Success is based mainly on proper technique and not on strength, meaning that all paddlers can benefit from some carefully targeted instruction from our experienced rolling instructors. Our rolling programs are run on an as needed basis and organized as a two hour private lesson.

Dates & times:

Please call us at 604.689.7575 to arrange a rolling lesson at a time and date that works for you.


  • 2 Hour Private Rolling Class in ocean (Jericho location only, starting in May)
    • 1 person = $149 per person
    • 2 people = $99 per person


  • Paddle Canada Level 1: Complete Series or equivalent skills
  • Comfort and control while underwater in a kayak (must be able to count to 5 upside down).
  • Efficient assisted & solo re-entry skills.
  • Practice with edging and bracing skills

Other things to note:

Kayak, gear and use of a wetsuit is included. Greenland kayak, tuilik and paddle also available by request.