Advanced Kayaking

This is a Paddle Canada certified course

Take your paddling to the next level with advanced sea kayaking courses.  Through our paddling partners, ecomarine provides the full range of Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking skills training including Paddle Canada Level 3 and Level 4 skills and other advanced courses.

Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Level 3

Our 5-day Level 3 Skills includes practical skills and knowledge for multi-day touring on coastal waters with currents, limited landing options, challenging navigation, limited access to communication and emergency services.

The focus is on the development and practical application of leadership, risk assessment, decision-making, judgment, group management, and general seamanship. Participants will also continue to develop the skills covered in Paddle Canada Level-2 Skills, to a higher standard of proficiency.

Training and assessment are provided in this course.


Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Level 4

This is where all the other cool paddling stuff lives!  Designed for experienced coastal paddlers, Level 4 provides a dynamic and rewarding group environment for paddlers to share skills and knowledge and add a few extra tools to their tool box.

We divide this course between the fast moving currents of Quadra Island and the surf swept beaches of the West Coast to take advantage of the diversity of paddling on Vancouver Island.  Level 4 Skills pushes you to integrate all your paddling skills in dynamic and challenging waters.  There are specific lessons, but we try to take advantage of conditions as they arise as well.  There is a strong peer leadership component on this course.

One half is based out of the beautiful and convenient Discovery Island Lodge.  Surge Narrows is a 15 minute paddle from the lodge.  Each day will be divided between skills development and playing in the currents.

The other half of the course is spent camping out on the beautiful surf swept beaches of the West Coast. The A to B format provides logistical and route planning challenges; the exposed outside of Vancouver Island provides a higher level of exposure from weather, sea state, and terrain.   Together, we have a great Level 4 playground.

Both training and assessment are provided in this course.


Surfing in Sea Kayaks

We designed this program with touring in mind.  We start our program by learning how not to surf, and slowly build in the skills and knowledge to paddle with confidence in and around the surf zone.

Launching and landing a loaded sea kayak through the surf can be a real challenge. The ability to anticipate surf, read the surf zone, and control your kayak in the surf are essential skills for all open coastal paddlers. Its also a lot of fun!  Surfing in Sea Kayaks is a blend of theory, skill, and experience.  We progress step by step to maximize learning and minimize the risks.Topping it off, we run this course on the beautiful sand beaches of the Esowista Peninsula, just south of Tofino. The numerous beaches between Ucluelet and Tofino provide exceptional surfing conditions with all type of sea states and wind conditions. The surfing and learning experience is excellent at this location.

2019 Dates & Times:

Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Level 3

  • April 27 – May 1 – Broken Groups Islands
  • September 20-24 – Clayoquot Sound

Paddle Canada Sea Kayaking Level 4

  • April 20-26 – Quadra Island & Barkley Sound

Surfing in Sea Kayaks in Ucluelet-Tofino

  • May 22-23
  • August 10-11

Custom dates and programs are also available. Contact us to find out more.


  • Sea Kayaking Level 3: $750
  • Sea Kayaking Level 4: $1,199 (4 nights accommodation in a lodge included)
  • Surfing in Sea Kayaks: $299


All courses have specific prerequisites with previous kayaking experience is required. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation.


Paddle Canada Level 3 or 4 Sea Kayak Skills certification are included in these courses.

Other things to note:

Pre-trip information is provided to participants, including detailed packing lists and directions.

Other advanced programs such as Advanced Surfing in Sea Kayaks and Advanced Currents are also available. Please contact us for more details.