Ecomarine offers a large range of ocean kayaks from recreational to touring kayaks, including British-style boats. With over 15 brands in every lay-up from plastic, fibreglass, kevlar and thermoform to folding skin on frame kayaks, we are sure to have just what you are looking for. As well as our stock of new kayaks, our entire rental fleet is always on sale.


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Valley was one of the pioneers of what is known as the British Form sea kayak. They have such a reputation for sea-worthiness that they are now the benchmark by which all sea kayaks are judged.


current designs
The West Coast of British Columbia is wild, beautiful and home to some of the best seas kayaking on the planet. Adventurous explorers have long been using sea kayaks as the craft of choice to travel these magnificent waters. Current Designs was born in the 1970’s out of the need for for better boats and equipment for these true kayak enthusiasts.


delta kayak logo
Delta Kayaks is the culmination of over 30 years of thermoforming and paddle sports industry knowledge. From the outset, their intent was not to build the most kayaks but simply the “best” thermoformed kayaks they could build. Through innovation and design they have created a complete line of outstanding kayaks that will appeal to paddling enthusiasts of every level


Nimbus logo
Nimbus kayaks are designed for functionality and maneuverability, while maintaining graceful lines, making them a pleasure to paddle and a treasure to own. Hand built on Quadra Island, B.C. on Canada’s West Coast, Mecca for avid paddlers from all over the world. Owner, Steve Schleicher, the original and current designer of the Nimbus™ kayak line, has been paddling since he built his first kayak at 14 years of age and has been designing and building Nimbus™ kayaks for more than 25 years


Established in the early eighties North Shore has always been a company happy to plot its own course. The company ethos is a simple one; to develop and produce innovative yet practical designs thoroughly tested in real world conditions, by real world paddlers.


NDK logo w text
Through expedition and every day use, Nigel became aware of the limitations of kayaks currently on the market and began creating his own kayaks in 1993. After 20+ years of innovations NDK now has a wide range of kayaks catering to a wide spectrum of modern kayakers.


Born in the Pacific Northwest, Necky Kayaks have long been the boat of choice for hard core enthusiast seeking premium products. Keeping up with their demands requires constant innovation and an unwavering commitiment to quality and performance.


Founded by a group of sea kayaking enthusiasts with the mission of building unique sea kayaks. When you try a Maelstrom kayak, expect superb handling from this stable, versatile kayak that is also the lightest in it’s class.